You're on the website --  for the time being -- of Lisa Winship & Andy Mathewson. We play blues, ragtime, standards, instrumentals and lots of original songs in folk clubs, acoustic music venues, folk concerts, festivals etc. across the South of England. 

We first met and decided to play together back in 2010. Lisa, a talented pianist and songwriter, was also an impressive vocalist who had fronted a number of bands around Reading. Andy was an acoustic ragtime and blues guitarist who was taking tentative steps into songwriting and was looking for a singer to write and perform with. As a duo, we were successful, playing at folk clubs and on small concert stages around the South East and also making a CD which was well reviewed.

In 2013 we had a break, when Andy played solo and briefly with a couple of other singers, while Lisa concentrated on other things. Then in June this year we met up for the first time in ages and after a couple more meetings the conversation gradually turned to the possibility of our playing together again.  Now we're picking up where we left off and are really enjoying ourselves -- even more than we did the first time!   

At the moment the best selection of our recordings is on our SoundCloud page

You can also listen to some solo Andy Mathewson pieces here on the Demo page or the Jukebox.

The site is being updated quite often, so please check back for information about gigs and other news