There is a mixture of home demo tracks and studio recordings here, some old and some new... Five originals and one cover.

Lord, Send Me A Breeze  (Mathewson-Tomkins) Funnily enough, I started writing the words for this song one night in Italy when I was too hot to get to sleep! 

Didn't Write This Song In Nashville (Mathewson-Winship) The latest song that I've written in collaboration with Lisa Winship. You can write a song anywhere!

Old Marseille (Mathewson) A song that I started to write in and about the French city and which I finished -- hmmm. . . about a year later!

How Do You Live With Yourself? (Mathewson) My attempt at writing an original song with a ragtime feel.

Mother Earth (Originally recorded by Memphis Slim) A new version of an old song.

I Can't Believe That's How It Ends (Mathewson-Palfreyman) 'All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story or tell a story about them.' -- Karen Blixen.
Or if you put them into a song . . .

Be Home By and By (Mathewson) A song about the comforts that accompany getting older.